For Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

For Wednesday:

  • I hope you are all well.  Some of you have been missing since the move online, and I’m concerned; please email me to let me know your situation.  Also please email if you are unable to join Zoom for any reason and let me know how I can help… please just email me in general!  I’m trying to keep track of and help every one of you individually if needed.  Please rest assured that I’m dedicated to helping you succeed in this course, and we can catch up anything that is missed during the first week or two of online instruction.  Just reach out to me.
  • We continue via Zoom!  Thanks for giving feedback on the canvas survey of your preferences for how to continue.  Please log in and do that if you haven’t yet.
  • Please go over the two functions worksheets and solutions (click Lectures), comparing to your own work.
  • Read Hammack, Chapter 12.2 on proofs of injectivity and surjectivity.  The exercises from this chapter are excellent; do them.
  • Reminder:  no due dates until after spring break.  If anyone wants a zoom office hour, email me, but for now I won’t schedule them until after spring break, either, once we get a schedule in place.