Taking care of ourselves and our community

Dear students,
Events are evolving very quickly, and for each of us, the particular pressures and anxieties are very personal and very different.  I just want to write to remind everyone that taking care of ourselves and our loved ones takes priority over grades and studies, even as classes continue.
As we move to online learning, I will try to make the rest of this class as modular and adaptable as I can.  I will record all the videos from Zoom sessions, and I will not require attendance at Zoom sessions (although I encourage and appreciate your participation if it works for you).  All future assessments will be available on Canvas and be flexible in timing (meaning, you can choose when to take the assessment from a relatively large date/time range).  I won’t set any due dates until after spring break.
I hope that your studies in this class can be a haven from the pressures you may be under right now — I certainly think of doing math as an escape.  But in any case, what I don’t want is for the pressures of this class to be adding to a difficult situation.  Please be in touch with me to discuss your personal situation with regards to the course, especially if you foresee personal circumstances interfering with your ability to continue in the course.  We still have material to cover and grades to assign, but I will be as flexible as I possibly can in getting us all to the finish line.
And finally, let’s all come together to support one another.  Let’s use Canvas to make contact with others to study with, and let’s have lots of patience and grace as we adjust to new modes.
Dr. Stange