For Monday, March 16th

For Monday:

  • Please fill out the survey you’ll find on Canvas, so I can get some feedback on how the shift to online is going, what I can do to help, if you would like to get paired up into zoom study groups, etc.
  • Please continue to work through the Second Functions Worksheet; here’s a google docs version.  Friday’s lecture (and all Zoom lectures) will be posted on Canvas under “Media Gallery”, and screenshots will continue to go up in the Google Pics folder, so you can review them; you’ll find this helpful for basics about functions, domain, codomain, injectivity, surjectivity and bijectivity.  On the second functions worksheet, you will also encounter new definitions (see PDF version for those), which you should try to decipher yourself.  Another resource is Hammack, Chapter 12 (although note: he does relations first, and I do relations second, which causes a little mismatch).
  • Please put your answers into the google docs version and we will try sharing these answers together in Zoom on Monday.
  • This is all a giant unexpected experiment; thank you again for your patience and willingness.