Dear all,

I’ve developed a cough this morning.  (No fever or anything else, but this follows on my young son developing a cough a few days ago.)

As a result, I’m moving up the timeline to switch to online learning, and I’ll be teaching from my home office this afternoon.  Here’s what you need to know:

1) Don’t go to class.  If you do go to class, and only realize what’s going on when you get there, please write a message on the blackboard:  “Math 2001 is online today:  go to 2001.katestange.net”

2) Download Zoom ahead of time (https://cuboulder.zoom.us/).

3) Then during the ten minutes before our regular lecture hour, go to 2001.katestange.net and click on the new “Zoom” menu item in the top line menu.  You’ll find instructions there.

Please view today as a day to work the kinks out.  I will have a worksheet for the day, and if I do any lecturing, I will record it as a video you can watch later.  So if you have a technology issue, just take your time and arrive late, don’t give up.  You can call OIT for help with tech (303-735-4357), and you can email me (kstange@math.colorado.edu) to keep me updated on your efforts (although I can’t help with the tech, probably).  For those who hit the ground running with the tech, we’ll do breakouts in zoom for groupwork and try out the blackboard feature (where I write on the screen); for those who are just getting the tech up and running, use the hour to get yourself sorted out.

And please have patience, as I may myself be working the kinks out on my end too.  I’ll make sure to put resources up on the web for anyone who needs to catch up.

Dr. Stange