For Friday, March 13th, 2020

For Friday:

  • Class is now fully online.  There are no quizzes this week, while we make the adjustment.  Thank you for your understanding as the transition is inevitably a little bumpy.  And please feel free to give me feedback on your experience and how we can make this better.
  • Please complete the first functions worksheet for Friday.  On a separate paper is fine, of course, no need to print.  I will be posting the pictures from today’s brief lecture in the Blackboard Pics Gallery.  I will start recording lectures as much as possible.
  • On Friday, I will mainly lecture with Zoom, to give people a bit more time to get up to speed with the technology.  However, please investigate ways you can make your Zoom experience as interactive as possible, so we can continue active learning:
    • Try to find a quiet place to Zoom, or a short-range microphone or headset, so you can talk without background noise.  The ECCR classroom is still available, if that’s helpful for a few days.
    • Investigate options for sharing math writing.  The best option for this is a zoom login from a tablet with writing capability (zoom has a “whiteboard” feature that everyone can share if they can write; you can log in to zoom twice at a time if needed).  But it could also include a workflow for uploading pictures from your phone, or a repositionable webcam, or even use of for those who know some LaTeX.  But we will need this if we plan to do math communication online, so please look into these options and find something that works for YOU to share math writing on Zoom.  Just do the best you can, and share your ideas and solutions with me so I can share them with everyone.
    • LATE ADDITION:  Check out how you can write equations in a shared Google document!  Here’s an example that is collaboratively editable by anyone at CU who clicks that link.  In a new Google doc, you can click “Insert” and choose “Equation” and an equation editor will pop up.