For Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

For Wednesday:

  • Please read my most recent coronavirus update concerning the course and moving to online learning.  In particular, no quiz tomorrow.
  • Please install and test Zoom to make sure it is working for you.  Please also click on the “Zoom” tab above.  You’ll find a link to a google calendar, available to CU Boulder logins, which has the zoom join links.
  • Please consider trying out the office hour zoom tomorrow just as a test, which would be a help to me and you.  You can just log in and say hi if you don’t have any questions.
  • Please work further through the worksheet from today, for which I also provided solutions.  Try the problems, and if/when you get stuck, check the solutions for ideas and keep going. Here are solutions to the first two problems, and then a longer solutions/study-sheet/hints-sheet to accompany it so you can work at home.