Coronavirus Updates

Dear class,

We all have loved ones who are in higher risk groups for coronavirus; I’ve spoken to some of you about your close contacts with those for whom this disease is potentially quite dangerous.  I also believe the move to online is inevitable, sooner or later.  For these reasons, I have decided to move as quickly as I can toward online-only teaching.

Please be aware of several changes in light of coronavirus:

  1. Office hours will be online only, effective immediately.   I will use Zoom for office hours.  This will give me an opportunity to test it out.  Check out the “Zoom” tab to the website where you can go for instructions.  Please also note the timing will be unpredictable for a while; please consult the calendar you’ll find under the Zoom tab.
  2. Please do not attend class if you are ill, even with a mild cold. You do not need a doctor’s note, although I appreciate an email, just so I’m in the loop.
  3. Effective immediately, there will be no more in-class quizzes or in-class homework checks.  I will roll out alternatives shortly.
  4. Please install and test Zoom at the first available opportunity, and contact OIT if you need help getting this capability up and running.  This is where we will eventually meet virtually.
  5. If we begin meeting virtually, it will be during the same hours as regular class.
  6. If I switch to online meeting, I will email you all individually and update this website to let you know.  Please check this website for up-to-date information.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Dr. Stange