For Monday, March 2nd, 2020.

For Monday:

  • Here’s a few existence proofs.  Give these a go, and bring your attempts to class.  I encourage you to work with friends, as always, as long as you write up your own work.
  • On Monday, the Proof quiz will be an existence proof.  It may involve a novel definition, or the definition of convergence, or things you have already met and studied.
  • Next week the Badges quiz will no longer have Sets badges on it.  You can begin to earn Sets badges in office hour (one per week), if you are still missing them.  To do that, you must first prepare a study sheet.  That is, a page of notes/information/examples describing the key concepts of that badge.  Bring this to office hour.  I will go over this with you, and if it demonstrates you have studied well on your own, then I will give you an oral exam on the badge, meaning, I will ask you to work some problems at the board (or at my table) while I watch and interact with you.  If you complete the problems, then you will have earned the badge.  If you come in unprepared (scribbled insufficient study sheet), then you will not earn the badge.  If my regular hours don’t work, email to set up another time.  I’m available.  Note: you can only earn one badge per week, so this doesn’t replace the in-class quizzes, but it can help if you are getting stuck on one of the badges for some reason.
  • Next week will be the last week for the Proofs I and II badges.  So please study these for the quiz.  I will also begin adding Counting badges.