For Friday, February 18th, 2020

For Friday:

  • Wednesday we did a worksheet on definitions of convergence and continuity.  This takes a lot of time to absorb.  Please follow up by watching the first two videos in this series of Khan Academy videos on convergence of a sequence (around 5 minutes each).
  • Feel free, for the purposes of our course, to focus on the formal definition of convergence, and not continuity.  Complete the worksheet’s first two pages if you didn’t in class.  Make sure you are very confident and comfortable with those two examples.
  • Here are some very nicely written notes about the topic of limits of a sequence (optional but helpful reading).
  • Friday is the last day for Sets badges in badges quizzes.  As I mentioned before, I will follow up next week with info on how to earn them by oral exam in my office hour after the in-class quizzes.  Please study as needed.