For Monday, February 24th, 2020

For Monday:

  • Take a look at the pigeonhole solutions.  Read and understand each proof.
  • Monday we will have a Proofs Quiz.  It will be something that can be solved by pigeonhole, but it won’t be a “gotcha” — it will either be fairly clear what the pigeons/holes need to be, or I will provide a hint to avoid you just getting stuck.  I’ll be looking for your being able to correctly structure the logical argument once that is decided, and communicate well.
  • Work on Logic this weekend:  especially quantifiers, which take practice!  Read Section 2.7 again if needed, and do the exercises.  Then, take the english sentences that result, cover the original exercises, and see if you can reverse-engineer the symbolic expressions with quantifiers.
  • Here’s another good resource on quantifiers.  In particular, do exercises from that webpage; those are good ones!
  • Just a look-ahead:  the Sets badges will be on the Badges quiz for the last time next week.  So you will want to study up on any that you still need to earn.
  • An announcement follows for a special event you might be interested in.  Enjoy math?  Maybe your future includes math research as an undergraduate!  There’s also a cool poster.

Math Research : Demystified

What’s undergraduate math research anyways? Who is it for? It might not be what you think it’s like and it might be for you, even if you haven’t realized it yet! So come to MATH 350 on Wednesday Feb 26 from 5-6 pm to learn more about undergraduate math research, hear about past projects done by students at CU and learn more about the opportunities for math research experiences available to the undergraduate students on campus. There will also be be free soft drinks and pizza. Everyone is welcome!

When: Wednesday Feb 26 from 5-6 pm

Where: MATH 350 (Mathematics Building)

Who: Organized by the Math Club and Diversity Committee