For Friday, February 14th

For Friday:

  • Happy Valentine’s!
  • Please compare your truth table worksheet today to the filled worksheet, to make sure you have correct and understand every T and F there.  Reminder:  the first group of tables are *definitions* and the later groups further down the page can be calculated using them.
  • Some students wanted to take home the SPQR logic game — check the Lectures page for links.
  • Read Hammack 2.2-2.5 for a review of what was covered in class today.
  • Do Exercises for Section 2.3 and 2.4.  This is a little practice in the use of language for conditionals.  (You know your text has answers to all odd exercises at the back, right?)
  • Read Section 2.6, which is a look-ahead to our next topic.
  • Friday we will have a Badges quiz.  It will now include Sets I, II, III, IV, Logic I, IV, Proofs I.