For Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

For Wednesday:

  • We will begin boolean algebra on Wednesday.
  • Use this hour to study and solidify any material from Sets (Hammack 1.1-1.7), Direct Proof (Hammack Chapter 4) or to study Proof by Contradiction (Hammack Chapter 6, which we will spend more time on).  In particular, note that I haven’t done a ton of “cases” examples in class (Hammack 4.4), but you should get comfortable with those too.
  • Some advice on studying:  making notes is good, but my rule of thumb is to write notes with the book closed.  For example, don’t copy definitions out of the book.  Instead, read and understand the definition (including inventing examples and non-examples of your own, etc.), then close the book and write it in your own words.  Then compare to the book and see if you’ve forgotten any important hypotheses or anything like that.  The over-arching principle is:  knowledge that you reorganize/reinvent with your brain is knowledge you have actually owned.
  • Stay healthy!  Thanks for the smiling picture of you guys I received from Prof. Green in email, that was great. 🙂