Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

For Wednesday:

  • Please make an attempt to fill out the worksheet on negation handed out in class.  We haven’t studied this yet, so some of it may be tricky, but just dive in and try to give it a go.  We’ll take them up in class.
  • Budget 10 minutes to watch these two videos I made on the topic of today’s lecture:
  • There will be a proof quiz on Wednesday (we are catching up on quizzes).  It will be another direct proof (Chapter 4, Hammack), but it will be more challenging than the first proof quiz, in one or several of the following ways:
    • It may require you to read and understand a novel definition and apply it.
    • It may require more steps, or breaking into cases.
    • It may require more creativity.
  • Note: I will shortly (but not up yet) post solutions to a few recent homework problems, so you have more things to compare to.