Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

For Wednesday’s class:

  • Look over your returned quizzes so far (proof and badges) and make sure you understand the scoring and can complete the problems correctly.  If you have any questions, email me or see me during office hour!  I’m happy to help.
  • Active reading (it’s always active!): Hammack, Section 1.2 on Cartesian products.
  • Finish the Worksheet on Cartesian products we did in class (you can always find worksheets on the Lectures page), at least to the end of the first page.  Consider the open-ended problems on the second page, as far as your brain takes them, but I won’t check those for completeness.  We’ll take up the worksheet in class on Wednesday.
  • Do exercises from Hammack, Section 1.2 for what time remains.
  • Note:  There’s a math club talk on Wednesday!  (Speaker: Elizabeth (Boo) Grulke (CU Boulder); Title: A MIXED-METHOD STUDY OF ONLINE DISCUSSIONS IN MATHEMATICS; Time: Wednesday, January 29 at 5-6pm; Place: Math 350)