Friday, January 24th, 2020

For Friday’s class:

  • Read Hammack, Chapter 1, to the end of Section 1.1.  This is sets and set builder notation.  In class Friday we will talk about set builder notation and get some practice.
  • In class Friday, we’ll have our first badges quiz!  Remember, each quiz is just one opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of a badge.  But there will be later chances for the same grade.  So there’s no harm in trying early and often.  This will have an opportunity to test Sets I and III badges (see “Grading” in the menu above for a list of badges).  This will give you an opportunity to see what badges quizzes are all about.
  • As preparation for Friday, I suggest all the exercises from Hammack, Section 1.1, including especially sections A and B, but why not also do C?  (You’ll find the definition of “cardinality” in the reading.)  Do as many from each section as you need, meaning:  as long as you are learning something from doing them.  Section D is great too, if not now, then later.
  • I have set office hours (now listed in “About” above), but I’d like you to know that if you can’t make those hours, you should email me and I’ll make a “floating office hour.”  This happens whenever someone wants more time than the scheduled hours, and I announce the agreed-upon time to the whole class (unless it is for a personal matter such as grades), so that everyone can benefit from the extra hour.  (So I have 2 fixed hours + 1 or more floating.)