Wednesday, January 22nd

For Wednesday’s class:

  • I hope you all have a great long weekend!
  • We will have a proof quiz in class.  I will allocate 15 minutes at the end of class, and the proof will be of the style of the following exercises from the book:  Chapter 4, Exercises 1-11.  Here is my grading rubric.
  • Office hours have now been set, and they are:  Tuesday 1-2 pm and Wednesday 11am-noon.  If these don’t work for you, just drop me an email and we’ll find a time.
  • Reading:   Finish reading Section 4.3.
  • Please take note of 3-6 places during your reading where you read actively, and explain what you did (a sentence suffices).
  • Please use the rest of your hour to prepare for the quiz and work on problems.