Friday, January 17th

To do for Friday’s class:

  • Catch up on the last daily post if you missed the first day.
  • Read the book’s section on Direct Proof (Section 4.3), up to the end of where they explain the proof that “if x is odd then x^2 is odd”.  That is, pages 118-120 in the newest edition.
  • Following the guidelines and examples from the last lecture (the handout can be found, as always, under Lectures), and from your reading, write a proof of the statement “The sum of two even integers is even.”
  • Read the book’s Section 4.2 on Definitions.
  • As time permits, do exercises from Chapter 4.  I suggest exercises 2-5.
  • Note:  Proof Quizzes will occur on Mondays and Badges Quizzes on Fridays, starting the second week.  That means Monday you’ll have a quiz writing this type of proof.