Monday, April 2nd

I hope everyone is having a great break!  Please use break to catch up on anything you need, and plan ahead.

For Monday:

  • There will be a badges quiz.  It will cover Logic, Functions, Proofs, Synthesis.   It will include Logic I,II,IV, Proofs I,II for the last time.
  • You can earn badges in office hour (W/Th 1 pm):  you can earn any badge which has stopped appearing on the quiz, so Sets I-IV, Logic I,II,IV and Proofs I,II.  See this old post for details how to do this (it requires preparation).  Maximum one badge per week, so plan ahead.  This is an excellent way to bring your grade up by making an extra effort during the last weeks.
  • Look ahead:  the week following break will be another individual assignment due Friday.  I’ll post it shortly.  On that Friday we’ll have another induction proof quiz (because induction is so important).