Monday, March 19th

Thank you for your feedback on the midsemester survey!  It was very very helpful — thanks for writing so much.  Here’s what we will do:

  • We will have two more groupwork assignments with presentations, due/presented on April 13th and 27th.  We will mix up groups one more time beforehand.
  • On the non-groupwork weeks, I will still assign some proofs for everyone to write up individually and hand in on canvas.  You will be allowed to work with others, if you like.  They will also be handed in on canvas and I will assign a simple grade based on completeness, but can’t provide detailed feedback via canvas.  I can give one-on-one feedback by request in office hour.
  • On presentation days, I may choose from individual assignments and group assignments for presentations.

For Monday’s class:

  • I have posted an assignment (under groupwork on Resources) due for hand-in on canvas next Friday.  You may work with others if you like, but your write-up should be your own.  Some suggestions:
    • Look for other students in MARC, 6-8 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  (I’m just suggesting a general time, there’s no implied guarantee or requirement here.)  Note: MARC tutors don’t specifically cater to 2001, but it’s still a good place to meet.
    • Contact others via canvas.
    • Continue to work with your group or old group if desired.
  • Monday’s badges quiz will include the same topics as last time plus some Synthesis.  Synthesis badges are usually harder: they involve interesting combinations of your knowledge of other badges.
  • If you’re having trouble negating “if-then”, take a look at the video (see also Hammack 2.10).  If you’re having trouble with quantifiers, read Hammack, Chapter 2.7 and 2.9 and do exercises there.
  • The following badges will appear only two more times (last time is the Monday after break):  Logic I,II,IV, Proofs I,II.
  • Note: You can still earn Sets badges in office hour before break (see this old post for details).  After break, you can earn Logic/Proofs badges in office hour for a few weeks (but Sets will be finished).
  • I suggest that over the weekend you get a start on the assignment, and prepare for Monday’s badges quiz.