Wednesday, March 14th

Late addition!  Wednesday is Pi Day!  Some activities:

  • Please join your math community for free fruit pie and pi-related activities in the foyer of the Math building (near Math 175) from 9am until 4pm.
  • The next undergraduate Math Club talk for this Spring 2018 semester will be given by Dr. Robin Deeley, this Wednesday, March 14 from 5 – 6pm in MATH 350.  Title: Shift dynamics Abstract: Dynamical systems were introduce by Poincaré in his study of the behavior of the solar system. I will discuss a number of dynamical systems coming from linear algebra and calculus before moving to an introduction to shift spaces and their dynamics. The concept of sensitivity to initial conditions will be emphasized.  Free pizza-pi(e) and drinks will be provided.

For Wednesday:

  • Please fill out the anonymous midsemester feedback survey on canvas.
  • Review the terms on your Second Functions Worksheet, and make sure you have completed Problems 1 and 2 and feel confident about the answers.  In class Wednesday, we will finish this worksheet, so bring it back to class.
  • Read Hammack, Chapter 12 up to the end of 12.2 (pages 196-204).  This covers functions as we have been discussing them.  Note that Hammack uses the term “relation” in Definition 12.1 on page 197.  This really just means “subset of the Cartesian product”, as we discussed in class.  (No need to read Chapter 11 right now.)
  • Do some 12.1 and 12.2 Exercises — whatever you feel is interesting.
  • Do at least one inductive proof — I suggest Chapter 10, Exercise 10.