Monday March 12th

For Monday:

  • No groupwork this week (nothing due on Friday Mar 16).  It’s a week off!
  • Please fill out the new Midsemester Feedback Survey (anonymous) on canvas.  In particular, this is your chance to weigh in on how we should change the group work system, if it needs any changing.
  • The badges quiz will cover Logic, Proofs, and also (new) Functions I and II.
  • Please complete the first function worksheet for us to take up in class.
  • Please review the notions of function, domain, codomain, surjective and injective, as covered in class.  You can also find these in Hammack.  Make sure you come Monday having reminded yourself what each of these words means.
  • By popular demand, here is the link to the registrar Spring 2018 exam schedule.  I don’t know why it isn’t showing up in as in previous semesters.
  • This coming week again, you may earn a missing Sets badge by coming to office hour with a study sheet, as described in detail in this old post (scroll down).
  • Please continue to study induction, as the proof quiz next Friday will be an inductive proof.