Friday, February 23rd


  • Next week (Monday Feb 26) will be the last opportunity for Sets badges on the quiz.  There may be an opportunity to earn one you are missing in office hour later (but you can’t do them all in office hour), so buckle down and study Sets.

To do for Friday:

  • Prepare for group presentation day.
  • Prepare for your proof quiz.  It will be a reasoning/counting proof similar to the proof we did in class on Wednesday.  See the Wednesday class notes on Graph Definition and Handshake Lemma.  Study this proof so you understand it very well, and you will be prepared for the quiz.
  • Spend some time thinking about the problems on our Graph Theory Warmup handout.  That is, solve the Warmup problems, and give some thought to the Exploration problems while you are eating dinner, having a shower, or falling asleep (all of which are excellent times to think about math).
  • Study for sets badges for Monday if applicable (see above).