Wednesday, February 21st

In class on Monday, we covered truth tables and logical implication, including the notions of contradiction and tautology.  We used a handout of truth-tables and played a logic game (instructions and cards).

For Wednesday: (links below are coming shortly)

  • Fill in the truth table handout.  Lines 3 and 4 (each a single table) are each a demonstration (proof, actually!) of a certain logical equivalence.  Write down what the logical equivalence is, and then compare to the solutions.
  • Read Hammack, 2.6, again.  At the bottom of page 50 are a list of useful logical laws.  Please become familiar with these by using them to simplify statements.  Here is a worksheet you should complete for practice and bring to class.
  • Learn the meaning of the word converse on page 44 of Hammack.
  • Read Hammack, Chapter 5 until the end of 5.1 (pages 102-105).  From this, learn the meaning of the word contrapositive.
  • Take a look at these solutions to Proof Quiz #4, and compare to your proof.  (Grading note: I haven’t decided what to do about proof quiz #3 yet.)
  • In class Wednesday, we will take up the homework above, and then do something fun and educational.