Monday, February 19th

To do for Monday:

  • Read Hammack, Chapter 2 up to the end of 2.5, doing the exercises.  Keep going if you like.  This formalizes the logic we have done intuitively.  I will do a mini lecture in class on this material, and then take it a bit further.
  • Make sure you have sorted out your new groups.
  • The badges quiz will cover all the previous badges PLUS Logic I and Logic V.  The Sets I-IV badges will appear perhaps two more times (including today).  So get on them this week if you don’t have them yet!  (Canvas is now up to date — note 2=full, 1=partial 0=no credit.)  Otherwise focus on getting Logic IV and Proofs I.  Then with your spare time, if available, try the new ones.
  • I have created a 7-minute recap of my advice on how to negate sentences.  Watch this whenever you feel you need it for studying.  It will be listed under resources.  In particular, I suggest you watch it before tackling the Logic IV badge.
  • Optional: True but unprovable?  A fun video about Godel’s Incompleteness from numberphile.  (Since it was mentioned in class.)