Wednesday February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Important Grading Clarification:

  • In the Canvas spreadsheet, grades for badges are recorded as
    • 0 (no credit)
    • 1 (partial)
    • 2 (full)
  • This differs from the very first quiz, where they were marked on your paper 0, 1/2, 1.  But it became apparent that having integers instead of fractions in the spreadsheet on canvas was preferable.  Your papers from Badges Quiz #2 and onwards are marked 0, 1, 2.
  • There is no extra credit for badges.

For Wednesday:

  • Make absolutely sure you are in contact with your new group-mates and have a plan for Friday.  Go to Canvas, click on “People”, then “Groups”.  You can contact your group via Canvas.
  • Please complete the worksheet Negation I that we began in class.  (Note: there was a typo on the sheet handed out in #7, 8, 9, where “shoes” at the end should have been “hat”.  This is now corrected.)
  • Watch this two-minute video about “if-then” statements.
  • Optional:  if you are curious about the studies I mentioned in class, here’s some reading: