Friday, February 9th

NOTE: Thursday’s office hour has to end slightly early, as I mentioned before.  It will end by 1:45 but possibly I have to go at 1:40.

For class friday:

  • It is group presentation day, don’t forget.
  • We’ll make new groups!  Please fill out this form (to get to it, go to Quizzes on Canvas) on your groupwork preferences.  I will try to do some “roommate matching” based on your feedback for creating the next groups.
  • The proof quiz will be a proof by contradiction.  It will be in the style of Hammack Chapter 6, exercises 2, 3, 9, 11, and the proofs by contradiction you have seen in class or your groupwork assignments.
  • Study for your proof quiz.  Here are some tips on how.  I suggest you study by examining the proofs just mentioned above.  The study goal is to understand the structure of the proofs so that you can reproduce them without aids.  It’s important not to memorize, however, as a memorized proof is of limited value compared to one you can reproduce from understanding its structure and principles.  One tip here is to focus on giving an explanation of how to build the proof, instead of giving the proof itself.  Don’t memorize sentence-by-sentence but instead focus on how you would explain the process of discovering the proof (for example, the process of working backwards from your goal, or unravelling a definition).  (I do my best to model this behaviour in class, to give you some examples.)