Wednesday February 7th

Reminders and Comments:

  • You have a groupwork and proof quiz on Friday.
  • Quizzes are generally handed back next lecture day.  Please frequently check your grades on canvas for correctness and completeness.
  • Tips for coming to office hour:  bring your past work.  If you have a question about a quiz problem, have a suggested correct solution or re-written proof to look at.  Be prepared with specific questions.
  • Toward the end of semester I will give you some extra opportunities to demonstrate missed badges, but this opportunity is not unlimited — it will be an extra opportunity for 2-3 badges by doing extra work.  The only way to guarantee success is to consistently study and master badges each week throughout semester.
  • The undergraduate math club holds talks you may be interested in:  Undergrad Math Club.

To do for Wednesday’s class:

  • Please finish the worksheet on Setting up Contradiction that we started in class today.  We will take it up together.
  • Please write a new, good copy of a correct proof for the last proof quiz, as applicable (i.e. if you didn’t score perfectly).  If you scored (0, 1, or 2) out of 4 on the Reasoning Score of Quiz #2, be aware that this likely indicates that you need to work extra to keep up with the class.  Everyone can master the material in this class, but the class does go at a certain fixed pace, and you are in a “catch up” position at this point.  I’m happy to talk to you in office hour.  Please bring your good copy of the proof to office hour so we have something to work with.