Wednesday January 31st


  • The room is a computer lab but I’m concerned it won’t have enough computers to accommodate everyone (the school couldn’t get me anything better).  Therefore please bring a laptop if you have one.  The only thing you need is web access, no need to prepare.  I will give an introduction and overview and then I will debug and walk around to help as you work through the worksheet.  If you are a True Master of LaTeX already, you may skip this class, or come with your LaTeX questions, but please email me to let me know if you plan to skip.

General announcements:

  • Group homework will be weekly.  Make time to meet for two hours.  I won’t exceed this.  If you don’t finish in two hours, but made a decent effort during the two hours, then call it a day and pack up — that’s ok.  If you have any trouble with groupwork, contact me privately if you wish and I will try to help.  This includes scheduling issues, personality conflicts, or anything else.  Your next group work is due Friday.  See Grading.
  • Proof quizzes.  Our first one was Friday.  It was returned on Monday.  Please pull it out of your bag now and take a look at my comments.  The comments explain how to improve your grade for next time, so make sure you understand.  If you don’t, please ask me before/after class or in office hour.  See Grading.
  • Badges quizzes.  Our first one was Monday.  Remember that you don’t need to do everything on the quiz.  Each section is a “badge” which you will have many chances to earn.  You may wish to choose two per week to study for and work hard at, instead of always attempting everything.  Your grades will be updated in canvas so you can check them before the next quiz and know which badges to work on.  See Grading.
  • Daily posts.  By now you have realized that you must check this website for daily posts and that I will rely on you to have done the homework between each class.
  • Monday in class we proved that the square root of 2 is irrational.  Here’s an enjoyable video from Numberphile that recaps the proof.  (If you’ve never seen Numberphile, you are missing out.)
  • I will post all the handouts from class etc. under Resources, so if you miss something, you can find it there.

Checklist for Wednesday:

  • Read the comments on your quiz which was returned Monday, and write out a proof that you believe addresses those comments.  Suggestion: staple this new proof to the old quiz and keep for your records.  Depending on your confidence in this exercise, see me in office hour (Wed/Thur 1-2 or by appt) if you feel unsure.  I’m happy to look it over.
  • Complete the handout from class today, including the part on powersets which was rushed in class.  To check your answers in the table, the correct answers read, from bottom to top, “NUMBERS RULE THE UNIVERSE.”  If you don’t understand why one of your answers is wrong, ask me!
  • Read Hammack, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.  Section 1.7 is about Venn Diagrams.  These are a sort of “visual aid” to the ideas of 1.5 and 1.6.  Read actively, as always.  Make an outline only if you’ve found that a useful exercise in past.
  • Do as many exercises from 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 as you need to feel confident.