Monday, January 29th

Today is the first badges quiz!  We will take ten minutes, and the badges available will be:

  • Sets I: basic definitions (set, element, equality, empty, cardinality)
  • Sets II:  operations (union, intersection, difference, universe, complement, Venn diagram)
  • Sets III:  Set-builder notation
  • Sets IV: ordered pairs, Cartesian products and powers, subset and powersets, including cardinality

We have not covered all this information in class yet, so by working ahead you can get a jump-start, if you feel like it.  The idea is that you can choose which questions to attempt.  You need not attempt them all, but I like to give you many options.  You will get many (but not infinitely many) attempts at each badge, so this is not your only chance.

Other things to do for class:

  • Please read the latest post on my blog proof of concept.
  • Please read Sections 1.3 and 1.4 of Hammack.  Remember: read actively!
  • As usual, do as many exercises as you need for Section 1.3 and 1.4 to feel comfortable.
  • Announcement:  I have set regular office hours WED/THUR 1-2 pm.  The third hour is “floating” because with 50+ students, no set hours will work for everyone.  That means as needed, I will schedule the third to meet the needs of those who ask, and announce the time to everyone.  Therefore, please email me if the time above won’t work for you and you’d like to meet that week.
  • Reminder: groupwork is posted and due Friday.  This one may require 2 hours.
  • If you have any scheduling issues with groups, please contact me.