Wednesday January 24th, 2018

For Wednesday’s class, here’s your checklist:

  • Sometime this week you’ll be meeting with your group.  Looking ahead, your group should produce a PDF to submit on Canvas by 8 am Friday, and also a groupwork report (handwritten is fine) to hand in in class Friday.  (Meet for approximately one hour and get as far as you can in the work, hopefully that will be enough to write the three main proofs as a team.)
  • No quizzes this week, since we’re just getting started.
  • Last Friday you were asked as a group to write a proof of the fact that the sum of two even numbers is even.  Take the time now, before Wednesday, to write for yourself a nice version of this.  We will do another proof in class, so this will be good preparation for seeing that.
  • Please read Section 1.2 of Hammack.  Read actively.  Make yourself a brief outline of the topics.  Do as many of the exercises as are needed for you to feel comfortable.