Monday, November 14th


  • Office Hour Monday will be at noon instead of 4:30 pm.
  • The most recent badges quiz has been entered into D2L.

In-class Badges Quiz:  Proofs, Counting, Relations, Functions I & II

Info about Sets/Logic Badges you may be missing:

  • There will be no more sets/logic in-class quizzes.
  • But you can earn a missing badge by doing the following.  For the badge in question, write an exposition about the content (up to 1 page in length, typesetting not required).  Imagine writing a study sheet for a student in the class:  it should introduce the relevant information/definitions and give some examples.  Then, bring this sheet to office hour where I’ll give you a five-minute oral exam to satisfy myself that you’ve learned that material.  For example, I’ll ask you to do an example at the board.
  • You can only do this office-hour badge thing one badge per day, so plan ahead.

To do for class:

  • Read/reread Hammack Section 11.1-11.4.  Do exercises from these sections.  They are all excellent exercises, so plan to work through them all.
  • Read Hammack, Section 12.1-12.2.
  • Prepare for the badges quiz.