Wednesday, November 30

We will do FCQs today or Friday, depending on available time.

Monday we did a worksheet on functions, available here.  (You may want to look up terminology on functions worksheet 2 or your text, but be warned the text does things slightly differently).

To do for class:

Please make sure you are up to Section 3, Composition of Functions, Problem 5 (on page 2), as a starting point for next class.  Bring it back to class with you — the first thing you’ll do with your group in class is compare answers up to that point.

Monday, November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  Please enjoy family and friends, and recover your energy.

On the Monday we return, we will have a badges quiz on relations and functions.

Also, please bring back your most recent functions worksheet (from Wednesday before break).

Wednesday, November 16th

NOTE:  I’m afraid I have to cancel Wednesday’s office hour; please email to schedule another time if you’d like to come in.

No Quiz.

To do for class:

  • Please bring back your Monday functions worksheet to class (we’ll have extras).
  • Please continue working and reading in Hammack, Sections 12.1 and 12.2.  You are all set to do exercises from these, so have at it!
  • Think about which missed sets/logic badges you’d like to prepare to earn in office hour and start work on those (see the previous post).


Monday, November 14th


  • Office Hour Monday will be at noon instead of 4:30 pm.
  • The most recent badges quiz has been entered into D2L.

In-class Badges Quiz:  Proofs, Counting, Relations, Functions I & II

Info about Sets/Logic Badges you may be missing:

  • There will be no more sets/logic in-class quizzes.
  • But you can earn a missing badge by doing the following.  For the badge in question, write an exposition about the content (up to 1 page in length, typesetting not required).  Imagine writing a study sheet for a student in the class:  it should introduce the relevant information/definitions and give some examples.  Then, bring this sheet to office hour where I’ll give you a five-minute oral exam to satisfy myself that you’ve learned that material.  For example, I’ll ask you to do an example at the board.
  • You can only do this office-hour badge thing one badge per day, so plan ahead.

To do for class:

  • Read/reread Hammack Section 11.1-11.4.  Do exercises from these sections.  They are all excellent exercises, so plan to work through them all.
  • Read Hammack, Section 12.1-12.2.
  • Prepare for the badges quiz.


Wednesday, November 9th

Catch up on any stuff you haven’t done yet from recent posts!  See you in class.

Today’s recommendation for more on Godel’s theorem was the book Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter.

Monday, November 7th

We delayed the contradiction quiz by popular vote because we were having productive discussions in class.  It will be today.  See the last post for info.

To do for class today:

  • Prepare for contradiction quiz.
  • Do practice problems from Hammack, Sections 11.1, 11.2 as needed (i.e. until they are super easy).
  • On Friday we did new groups by random selection.  Contact me if you do not have a new group because you missed class.